2020 March Primary Slate of Republican Candidates

McLean County Republican Chairman, Connie Beard, released an update of Republican candidates slated for the 2020 March Primary.  “We have a diverse group that offers a good balance of fresh new voices and successful leadership that we believe will serve our community well”, said Beard.  New to politics but bringing leadership experience to the table are Jordan Baker, running for County Board District 8 and Adelita Cruz, candidate for County Board District 4.   Wanting to continue their service on the county board are Catherine Metsker from District 1; Bill Friedrich, District 2; George Wendt, District 3; John McIntyre, District 5; Jacob Beard, District 7; Susan Schafer, District 9; and Josh Barnett, District 10.  Beard stated, “Our Republican led county board has done an excellent job of holding back tax increases while meeting the growing needs of the county in health, welfare and safety needs.  They are eager to build on their success of providing good service and value to the people of McLean County” In addition to the large slate of Republican county board members, there are several county wide offices held by Republicans that are up for reelection. County Coroner Kathy Yoder; County Circuit Clerk Don Everhart; State Attorney Don Knapp and 11th District Court Judge Jason Chambers. “These public servants bring experience and skills vital to their position. We are so proud of the hard work these Republicans have given to serving voters.  Our community is fortunate to have these principled and effective people in office.”, said Beard. “As Republicans, we believe that giving the voters a choice is crucial to a thriving democratic republic.  We have choices to offer Republican voters in the primary for the office of County Auditor.’, said Chairman Beard.  Seeking reelection to the post is Michelle Anderson and her challenger is Trisha Malott. Republican representation on the state level is strong as well.  State Representative Keith Sommer will seek reelection for the State Legislative District 106th. Dan Caulkins (R) is seeking reelection for the 101st District.   In the 105th District, Republican voters will be given a choice between reelecting State Representative Dan Brady or selecting David Paul Blumenshine. “McLean County has deep Republican roots as illustrated by the large number of good candidates willing to step into service on behalf of our citizens”, says Beard. Republican strength is echoed in the congressional level as Congressman Rodney Davis and Congressman Darin LaHood are both seeking reelection in their respective districts.  There will also be choices from across the state in the March Primary for who will represent the Republican party in the Senate race against incumbent Dick Durbin.  Currently vying for the post are Peggy Hubbard from southern Illinois, Tom Tarter from central Illinois and Mark Curran from northern Illinois. According to Chairman Beard, “We know that the election season of 2020 will be a hard-fought battle.  Voters cannot afford to sit out this next election.  Our goals are informing the voters about the issues and skills that set our candidates apart from their challengers. We believe once the voters understand those differences, they will make the right choice. Our county Republicans are confident that we will succeed with such a strong and diverse array of candidates who offer a depth of experience and a track record of working for the good of all voters. “ Beard will seek to serve another term as the County GOP Chairman.  “If the precinct committeemen in our county wish me to continue the fight and I am reelected as chairman at the April 2020 Convention then I will work hard for a Republican victory in 2020.”    Continue reading