Rethinking flood insurance after Bloomington sees historic rainfall

Most homeowners insurance policies don't cover natural disasters like earthquakes or flooding, leaving many Twin Cities homeowners feeling like they've been left out to dry.

For some homeowners, flood insurance is required if they live near a large body of water.

That's not the case in McLean County. The Insurance Information Institute's Scott Holeman said that does not mean residents should not consider it. In fact he says it might be worth rethinking for many home owners.

"Your home is usually your largest investments," Holeman said. "It's really important to do an evaluation of the risks that are presented to you. And we've all seen changing weather patterns."

James Sink of FEMA Region 5 said Bloomington is a part of the National Flood Insurance Program, meaning Bloomington resident qualify for flood insurance.

"As long as that event meets the definition of flooding that's in the flood insurance policy, we will cover it," Sink said.
"If you are in an NFIP participating community and you are a homeowner, business owner or renter, you can get flood insurance regardless of flood zone."

Residents can find a breakdown of flood insurance options and area providers on FEMA's "flood smart" website.
The cost of insurance will vary from place to place, but Holeman said average costs comes out to $700 a year.

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