Picture in your mind for a moment a vast and beautiful nation stretching from the waters of the Potomac to the hills of Hollywood. Full of friendly, wise, and good-hearted people. 

Envision now an exceptional nation guided by a destiny, forged by brave men and women of all stripes, pursuing life, liberty, and happiness. It is a nation of freedom, justice, wealth, and opportunity.

A place where you are not defined by your past, leaving it behind if you so desire. A place where you are not defined by indelible differences, overcoming tides of adversity, if you so desire. A place where discord gives way to camaraderie, by a people respectful of the livelihood of every man whether rich or poor, young or old.

This is a country - welcoming, traditional, pleasant - built by pioneers, slaves, and survivors atop the values of family, love, and the golden rule.

This is what America has been - what it was meant to be - and God willing what it will become again.


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