Apply to Be An Intern

Are you a student interested in politics?  Want a great new professional experience?  McLean County Republicans would like to help start you on your political aspirations.  McLean County Republicans is looking for interns.  The interns will report to the McLean County Republican Chairman, and Program Manager.  Some of the work involved can be done remotely.

 Social Media/Website Design

This intern will further develop our social media presence and impact as well as help redesign our website and One Cause pages.

Responsibilities will include:
- developing content in regards to candidates, issues, and voting information and assist with design and execution of such social media campaigns
- work on our website redesign
- work on our One Cause fundraising application pages
- create a monthly and weekly calendar for when things will run on the various social media platforms.
- create content, graphics and videos to help deliver our message
- track our progress and identify how to better scale social media content for the future.
- assist in our election, campaign and community outreach strategy using social media.

Candidate should be familiar with social media, creating web pages, skilled in creating content and graphics for social media platforms, have good communication skills, a self-starter and able to work on a team.    

IT/Data Analytics/Data Reporting

This Intern will help assist in using our database to help create a stronger platform to help in our use of reports and analytics in our local campaigns, fundraising efforts, and community outreach.

Responsibilities will include:
- creating lists that are used for RSVP’s to events, walking reports for our precinct committeemen, and other similar reports
- help look at information to help with our local elections and support of our candidates
- set up users within the database
- help with some maintenance on the database

Candidate should know how to use Microsoft Excel and Word, be a self-starter, comfortable using technology, and able to work with a team.  We will be able to instruct and train on use of our particular database, but candidate should have some experience using a database.

Campaign Field Intern

This intern will assist county candidates with sign placement, canvassing, phone banking. This Intern needs to have good communication skills and their own car. They will work with a canvassing ap on their smart phone. 

Please send a copy of resume to Dennis Grundler at [email protected] and to Joanne Knipmeyer at [email protected].  We will set up interviews promptly.  If you have more questions, feel free to e-mail.