Candidate Petitions 2022

Filled petitions need to be given to candidates as soon as possible.  Filing dates for all candidates begin March 7

You can deliver filled petitions  for county, state and federal on Wednesday February 23 from 4-6pm at the GOP office, 211 S. Prospect Bloomington.  We will have notaries there to notarized the petitions if needed.  You can usually use the notary at your bank without charge. 



Directions for Circulating Petition (Circulator)

  1. You may not circulate petitions for more than one political party.
  2. You must personally witness all signatures made on the petition.
  3. You may sign your own petition.
  4. You may pass this petition anywhere in McLean County.
  5. Petitions with fewer than 10 names DO If you are unable to fill a petition, send in a partial list.  Each name counts.
  6. If you learn a signature is not valid, do not worry. Bad signatures do not knock out other good signatures or invalidate a petition.  HOWEVER, known bad signatures should be brought to the attention of the campaign, so that they can be officially deleted.  A circulator who recklessly and routinely disregards the signature gathering rules MAY have an entire sheet stricken even though the signatures are valid.
  7. You must sign as the circulator of the petition before a Notary Public licensed in Illinois and the Notary Public must affix their seal or stamp. Make sure the Circulator’s Oath is completely and accurately filled out. Most banks and libraries will notarize free of charge.
  8. DO NOT number the petition page (Sheet NO).

Directions for Signing Petition (Signer)

  1. Signer must be a registered voter in McLean County. Signer need not have voted in a previous Republican Primary and may have even voted in a Democrat Primary or not even have voted in a primary at all.
  2. Signer must sign their name as registered to vote. For example, William E. Jones, not Bill Jones.
  3. DO NOT use ditto marks (“) for any part of the address or county.
  4. Signer must use the address where they are registered to vote – street address or rural route number, as well as city, village or town. Standard address abbreviations may be used in writing the residence address. Post Office boxes are NOT acceptable.
  5. Signer may not sign petitions for a candidate of more than one political party for the same election.
  6. Signer may sign petitions of as many candidates of the same political party as they desire.
  7. Signer CANNOT sign another member of their family’s name on a petition.



This list will be updated as candidates supply their petitions. 

Links to Candidate Petitions

County Board Candidates

County Wide Candidates

    Rebecca McNeil County Treasurer

    Kathy Michael County Clerk

11th Judicial Court Judge

    Don Knapp 11th Judicial Court Candidate

    Amy McFarland 11th Judicial Court Candidate

    Carla Barnes 11 Judicial Court Candidate

State Representative Candidates

      Tom Bennet State Representative District 106

      Mike Kirkton State Representative District 105

      Donald Rients State Representative District 105

     Scott Preston State Representative District 91

     James Fisher State Representative District 91

     Dan Caulkins State Representative District 88

      Joe Alexander State Representative District 87

       Mary Burress State Representative District 87

State Senate Candidates

      Jason Barickman for State Senate District 53

      Sally Turner for State Senate District 44

State Wide Candidates

      Dan Brady for Secretary of State

       David Shestokas for Attorney General

        Robert Irvin Slate of State Wide Candidates

Governor Candidates       

        Jesse Sullivan for Governor

        Darren Bailey for Governor

        Paul Schimpf for Governor

        Robert Irvin for Governor

U.S. Congressional Candidates

       Darin Lahood for Congress

      Esther Joy King for Congress

U.S. Senate Candidates

        Bobby Piton for U.S. Senate

         Peggy Hubbard for U.S. Senate

         Allison Salinas for U.S. Senate

         Jamie Schaffer for U.S. Senate 

         Casey Chlebek for U.S. Senate

        James Tillman for U.S. Senate