Duties of a Precinct Committeeman

Duties of a Precinct Committeemen

Precinct committeemen or women represent a political party to members of the public. They do this, in part, by relaying the wishes of the community on social and economic issues to those running for office. The Republican party  employ these committee leaders as a way to build a relationship between those who hold public office and those who vote at the polls. Duties of a committee leader can include:

  • Promoting party views,
  • Marketing candidates,
  • Organizing meetings, and
  • Recruiting volunteers.

Promote the Party

One of the main duties of a precinct committeeman or woman is to promote the party the committee person represents. This can be done a number of ways, including supporting Republican candidates, marketing party ideals and promoting events at the local and national levels. Committee members also work together toward uniting the party and promoting its overall goals. This can be done through:

  • Distributing election information,
  • Arranging events where the public can meet those running for office.
  • Canvass neighborhoods, watching for new residents and making sure people who have identified themselves as either Republican are registered to vote.
  • Serves as the face of the party and must work hard to develop a visible presence to voters.

Listen to Public

Another duty of a precinct committeeman or woman is to listen to and work with the public. Electing party leaders who represent their communities is a duty of a committee person. It is important to spend time with voters in your precinct and learn about their needs and interests. You can also encourage them to become involved. This may be done at organized events or with the help of volunteers. Volunteers can assist in recruiting others and make phone calls, door knock, and assist with creative, on-the-ground marketing strategies.

Maintain Organization

Precinct committeemen and women have the task of attending Central Committee meetings. At these meetings, they may be in charge of assisting other committee members with planning party strategies in their particular area. Maintaining the organization of the committee is another duty of committee members, with tasks including updating records, printing and dispersing voter registration forms and keeping a database of residents in the community registered to vote for that committee member's particular party. Surveying the landscape and developing a strategy for covering the entire community is an important task of this position