Illinois Political Structure

U.S. Congress


The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the Federal government of the United States. The legislature
consists of two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives.
People in the U.S. Senate are called senators. People in the U.S. House of Representatives are called


Illinois sends two senators to the U.S. Senate. U.S. senators are elected for a staggered six-year term.
          Richard J. Durbin (D)
          Tammy Duckworth (D)


Illinois is divided into 18 U.S. Congressional Districts thus, sends 18 congressmen/women to the U.S. House of
Representatives. U. S. congressmen/women are elected for a two-year term. McLean County is within the 13th and
18thh U.S. Congressional Districts represented by:

          Congressman Darin LaHood (R) – 18th
          Congressman Rodney Davis (R) – 13th



Illinois State


Executive Branch

The governor is the chief executive of the State of Illinois.

          Governor – JB Pritzker (D)
          Lieutenant Governor – Juliana Stratton (D)
          Treasurer – Michael W. Frerich
          Comptroller – Susan A. Mendoza
          Secretary of State – Jesse White
          Attorney General – Kwame Raoul


Legislative Branch

Like the U.S. Congress, the Illinois General Assembly is a bicameral legislature. The legislature consists of two chambers:
the Senate and the House of Representatives. People in the U.S. Senate are called senators. People in the U.S. House of
Representatives are called representatives.

Illinois has 59 Senatorial Districts. Illinois senators are elected for a four-year term with a two-year term every decade.
McLean County is within the  3 Senate Districts.  53rd Senatorial District represented by: 

          Bill Brady (R)  44th Senatorial District

          Jason Barickman (R)  53rd Senatorial District         

          Chapin Rose (R)  51st Senatorial District

Each Senatorial district has two House of Representatives districts, thus 118 Representative districts. Illinois
representatives are elected for a two year term. McLean County is divided amongst the 105th, 88th , and 101st
Congressional Districts and represented by: 

          Dan Brady (R, 105th District)
          Keith Sommer (R, 88th District)
          Dan Caulkins (R, 101st District)


Judicial Branch

Illinois is divided into 5 Appellate Court districts ; McLean County is one of thirty counties in the 4th Appellate District.
Illinois is also divided into 24 Circuit Court districts . McLean County is one of five counties in the 11th Circuit Court
District. Supreme, Appellate, and Circuit Courts handle different types or levels of issues.

          Supreme Court – Seven judges (3 assigned to Appellate District 1 (Cook County), and the remaining 4 assigned to
the remaining four Appellate Districts) elected for a 10 year term. Supreme Court justices are elected by the Appellate
Court justices.

          Appellate Court – Fifty-four judges elected for a 10 year term. Appellate Court justices are elected by voters and
may be retained* for another 10-year term by voters.

          Circuit Court – Five hundred thirteen judges elected by voters and may be retained* for another 6-year term by
voters. There are Resident (six-year term), Associate (four-year term), and At Large judges. Associate judges are
appointed by Circuit judges.

* Voting for an unopposed candidate is often thought of as simply encouragement because there isn’t another choice.
But, voting to retain a setting judge is a choice – yes or no. A judge is retained by garnering 60% affirmative votes. So,
what you intended to be encouragement could help retain a poor judge. If you don’t know the judge’s qualifications and
peer ratings, it would be best to not vote and leave their fate to those who do know.



McLean County


McLean County has eight elected positions plus 24 members of the County Board. All elected positions serve for a 4-year
term. The Board members elect the Board Chairman for a 2-year term.  

          Circuit Clerk -          Don R. Everhart (R)
          County Clerk -         Kathy Michael (R)
          County Auditor -      Michelle L. Anderson (R) 
          County Coroner -     Kathleen Yoder (R)
          County Recorder -    Kathy Michael (R)
          County Sheriff -       Jon Sandage (R)
          County Treasurer  -  Rebecca C McNeil (R)
          State's Attorney  -    Don Knapp (R)
          Regional Office of Education – Mark Jontry (R)

          McLean County is run by a County Board. McLean County is divided into ten districts with two people
          representing each district on the County Board. Board members are elected to four-year terms, with half
          running for election every two years in the Primary Election.

          The County Board members are 

          District One - Gerald Thompson (R)     Catherine Metsker (R)
          District Two - Jim Soeldner (R) Board Vice Chairman    
          District Three - Randall Martin (R)   George O. Wendt, (R)
          District Four - Logan Smith (D),   
          District Five - Elizabeth Johnston (D)     John McIntyre (R) Board Chairman
          District Six - Laurie Wollrab  (D)   George Gordon (D)
          District Seven - Sharon Chung (D)  
          District Eight - Carlo Robustelli (D)   Shayna Watchkinski  (D) 
          District Nine - Lyndsay Bloomfield (R)   Susan Schafer (R)
          District Ten  - Josh Barnett (R)    Chuck Erickson (R)


This is a link to McLean County Board District Maps. Click Here
Individual cities, towns, or townships may have positions to fill or resolutions to vote on.
Yes or No; votes have consequences.