2022 McLean County Republican Party Candidates

You can find information on candidates below by clicking on their name.





Candidate for Governor & Lieutenant Governor:

Darren Bailey


Stephanie Trussell


Candidate for Secretary of State:

Dan Brady


Candidate for Attorney General:

Tom DeVore


Candidate for Treasurer:

Tom Demmer


Candidate for Comptroller:

Shannon Teresi


U.S. Congressional Races:

Congressional District 16

Darin LaHood


Congressional District 17

Esther Joy King

Esther For Congress (video)


U.S. Senate Race:

Kathy Salvi


State House Races:

Bill Hauter

Bill Hauter District 87

Dan Caulkins District 88

Scott Preston District 91


Dennis Tipsword District 105

Tom Bennet District 106




State Senate Races:

Jason Barickman District 53


Sally Turner District 44


Desi Anderson District 46

See https://fb.watch/fKGmTxsY9C/


County Clerk

 Kathy Michael

Kathy Michael


County Sheriff

Matt Lane

County Treasurer

Becky McNeil

Rebecca C. McNeil




Don Knapp


Carla Barnes



County Board Candidates 

*You can vote for 2 for each district

District 1

Adam Reeves


Catherine Metsker

Catherine Metsker  


District 2

Bill Friedrich

Jim Soeldner

James Soeldner 


District 3

George O. Wendt

George O. Wendt

Lyndsay Bloomfield

Lyndsay Bloomfield


District 4

Jerry Klinkner


Steve Harsh


District 5

John McIntyre

John D. McIntyre  

Hannah Blumenshine  


District 6


Eduardo Monk Jr.


District 7

Geoff Tompkins

Donald Crop


District 8

Vicki Schultz  

Gary Stevens  


District 9

Susan Schafer

Susan Schafer


Annette Fellows


District 10

Chuck Erickson

Ross Webb