Normal Candidates

On Saturday, February 16 all nine candidates running for the Normal City Council election to be held April 2 came to speak to the McLean County Republicans at the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington.  After each gave a five minute presentation, questions from the floor were taken.   Below are links to three video segments of their presentations.  The first two segments contain the 5 minute presentations.  The candidates spoke in the following order:  Joel Studebaker, R.C. McBride, Karyn Smith, Stan Nord, Alex Campbell, Pat Turner, Kathleen Lorenz, Dave Shields, Karl Sila. 

The third segment is the question and answer portion.  Due to technical difficulties the first 5 minutes of that time period were not captured on video.  Apologies to R.C. McBride and Kathleen Lorenz for not capturing their answers.  

We appreciated all these candidates coming to share their principles and goals for serving the community of Normal.  

Part 1 of 3 Normal City Council Candidates

Part 2 of 3 Normal City Council Candidates

Part 3 of 3 Normal City Council Candidates