Presidential Service Center Distinquished Service Award

 The McLean County Republicans are searching for individuals to honor for their contribution to the good of our county through the awarding of the Presidential Service Center Distinguished Service Gold Medal. 

This  gold medal award will be presented at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner held on May 17 at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center in Bloomington.  The award will be presented by Presidential Service Center member and gold medal recipient, Martin Mongiello, White Chef Chief and Navy Veteran.

Administered and awarded by Presidential Service Center members holding valid Presidential Service Badges and having served at the White House Military Office to civilians who have contributed to the welfare of their community, state or nation.

Citizens are urged to find a worthy nominee who meets the criteria for this award. 

Specific criteria are listed below and in the nomination form.  

The link below takes you to a fillable PDF form that you can download and fill in online and save document. 


Completed nomination forms are to postmarked no later than April 30, 2019  and mailed to:

McLean County Republicans

PO Box 1776

Bloomington, IL 61704.

Applications can also be emailed to Chairman Connie Beard at
by April 30, 2019.  Any questions can be directed to the same email address or call Connie at 309-824-9394. 


1. Nominees must have been engaged in volunteer activities for a minimum of ten years and benefited a
    community or communities in in a substantial, important or unique way.
2. Students receiving course credits for their volunteer activities are ineligible unless the
    nomination is based on volunteer service that extends beyond the course requirements, in which case
    it must be clearly indicated in the nomination statement.
3. National Service volunteers must be nominated for service above and beyond that which is
    required of them in their national service program. Volunteer time recorded in a national service
    program will not be eligible.
4. Previous award recipients from within the past 40 years are ineligible.
5. Nominees are eligible if they received any single, investigated portion, of compensation for
    their service.
6. Nomination cannot be based upon court-mandated community service.
7. Nomination cannot be based upon serving as a “loaned executive.”
8. Self-nominations are not allowable.
9. Family members may not nominate another family member for an award.
10. Group/team and corporate volunteerism nominations can be made by those external to the
    group/team or corporation/business.
11. All nomination submission requirements listed in the complete nomination packet must be met.
12. Director of Volunteers who are paid for their service must be nominated in the non-volunteer
    service category.


1.  Award selections are based on the nominee’s volunteer efforts and commitment of time, accomplishments,
     community impact and enhancement of the lives of others, as described on the nomination form.
2. Nominations are received and evaluated at the potential nominee’s local level first. For instance, if it is a
    church, then that group or leader may elect to review all nominations first, prior to submitting.
3. The Presidential Service Center Seated Tribunal will select award recipients based on merit and eligibility.
    Recipients are selected without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, or physical/mental disability.
    Recipients will be codified with a serial number and subject to having their name stripped from the Master Roll
    and revocation due to droit moral standards applied in society. If the Seated Tribunal selects and agrees to
    award a person they will add their name with criteria to a serial number.
4. Only members of the Center, with a valid Presidential Service Badge (PSB) and serial number may sit on any
    tribunal. No other member of society ever will.
5. A senior, US Military Retired member will always officiate any tribunal and must also hold a valid PSB, in good
6. Members of the Presidential Service Association or Presidential Service Center holding a valid PSB, but not US
    Military Retired, make up the bulk of a tribunal with the authority to judge, adjudicate on, or determine claims or


Individual: An individual who volunteers.
Family: A family that volunteers together on the same project(s).
Group/Team: A group or team of two or more people that volunteer together on the same project(s)
under a group or team name.
Youth: A person (age 18 or younger) who volunteers.
Senior: A person (age 55 or older) who volunteers.
Mentor: An individual volunteer who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to working with
youth (ages 18 and younger) in a mentoring capacity and/or been actively engaged in other
that support a mentoring program.
Faith-Based: An individual, family, group/team, youth or senior that volunteers through a faith-based
community organization.
Disaster: An individual, family, group/team, youth or senior who volunteers in disaster preparedness,
response, recovery or mitigation activities. (This category does not include paid first responders.

National Service: An individual member of a National Service program (AmeriCorps, VISTA or Senior Corps) who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer service. The volunteer service must be above and beyond the
requirements of the designated program.
Corporate/Business: A corporation or business that has made a substantial impact in the community by
promoting service to their employees through engaging in volunteer activities and/or by providing paid time for
employees to volunteer for local organizations and/or agencies.
Perseverance in Volunteerism: An individual volunteer who has overcome significant personal obstacles
(mental and/or physical) in order to engage in service to others.
Lifetime Achievement: An individual who has exhibited a lifelong commitment to volunteerism and community
service. Nominees must have made a substantial and long-term sustained impact in the community as a result of
their service efforts.
Director of Volunteers: A paid staff member who exceeds expectations of good volunteer management skills
including recruitment, training, coordination, risk management, evaluation, retention and recognition of
volunteers. Other related job titles may include Volunteer Program Director or Manager of Volunteers.