Voting Information

When you get your ballot in September you can hand deliver it yourself at your convenience rather than by mail if you choose. 

McLean County Republican voters, as well as voters throughout central Illinois, may have received a mailer providing an easy way to request a ballot for the fall election.  The purpose of this mailer is to get out every Republican vote we can and not leave anyone behind. 

We want to encourage voting absentee since we don't know how voting will be impacted by the COVID this fall.  Our governor may decide to initiate restrictions on voting that could have a negative impact on voter turnout.  When you fill out and send in the GOP Remote Vote request it will help us ensure that no GOP voter is being left behind. 

Those requests will be forwarded to the proper election authority. In late September you will receive an absentee ballot to complete and return directly to the proper election authority. We will be following the voting process every step of the way to ensure voter integrity and that every vote counts. 

Want to help ensure the integrity of our voting process?  Volunteer to be a poll watcher starting in September. Click this link to sign up.

Any other questions?  Just email Chairman Connie Beard at

10/2/20 UPDATE:

Regarding the Grossinger Arena for Early Voting - It is STILL GOING ON but Read Below

 Voting IS still going on at the Arena for all voters EXCEPT the City of Bloomington as the Bloomington Election Commission's ballots were in error and that problem is being worked on.

However, the rest of the County, other than the City of Bloomington, under the jurisdiction of the County Clerk's office, can continue to vote at the Arena.


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