What We Believe

On October 3, the delegates to the 2020 Illinois Republican Convention voted on the 2020 platform 

 Here is the link to the platform

The pursuit of opportunity has defined America from our very beginning. This is a land of opportunity. The American Dream is a dream of equal opportunity for all. And the Republican Party is the party of opportunity.


McLean County Republicans believe in...

  • A pro-business, free-market economy that allows the marketplace to pick winners and losers - not government regulators.
  • A strong national defense able to protect America from the threats of today and tomorrow with the best technology available.
  • A healthcare system with competition, strong physician-patient relationships, and personal choice without the intrusion of the federal government.
  • An education system that encourages parental choice, local control and prepares students for the opportunities of tomorrow.
  • An energy plan that supports an “all of the above” approach that encourages the responsible production of nuclear power, ethanol, clean coal, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, as well as drilling for oil and natural gas in an environmentally responsible way.


October 3 delegates to the 2020 Illinois Republican Convention approved the platform and several resolutions reflecting the beliefs, principles and issues that we as Republicans hold dear.