JCAR Considering "Culturally Responsive Leadership and Teaching Standards" Change

A proposed change in the teaching standards used in Illinois schools is under consideration by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules in Springfield.  If this change is adopted it will impact all schools in the state of Illinois.

Here is the link to the proposed change:

Culturally_Responsive_Teaching_Standards.pdf (d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net) 

This unfunded mandate would harmful to teachers, school districts and children. 

 "Teachers have to be willing to endorse the idea that America is a systemically racist country. Crucially for Christians, they have to be willing to affirm the gender identities of any of their students and to affirm the very idea that gender is complex and fluid, meaning there are many more than two gender identities. They have to be willing to lead their students in political leftist protests and lobbying. They are encouraged... [to] consider grading their students -- not on their performance, on ordinary knowledge -- but on their social justice activism."

We have to realize what will be forced on teachers in Illinois if this standard is approved Feb. 16 by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules . We don't want more strangleholds placed on teachers, unfunded mandates placed on our school districts and restrictions on freedom of thought on our students. PLEASE READ- be informed. This is bad on so many levels. 

Please review the following resources to learn details. 

VOTENOTOCHANGINGTEACHERSTANDARDS.pdf (d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net) 

'The Woke Has Gone for Broke' (frc.org)


Contact the JCAR via their web site and let them know you want their vote to be NO. JCAR Home Page (ilga.gov)

Here are the direct emails for the members of the committee:

Members of JCAR
[email protected] – Keith Wheeler
[email protected] – Tom Demmer
[email protected] – Michael Halpin
[email protected] – Frances Ann Hurley
[email protected] – Steve Reick
[email protected] – André Thapedi
[email protected] – Bill Cunningham
[email protected] – John Curran
[email protected] – Kimberly Lightford
[email protected] – Antonio Munoz
[email protected] – Sue Rezin
[email protected] – Don DeWitte