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Welcome to the McLean County GOP Website.

As we close out 2020 and look toward 2021 we want to recognize our faithful supporters that helped us keep McLean County Strong and Republcan Proud.

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211 Landmark Dr., Suite A4, Normal




On Saturday, October 3 the delegates to the 2020 Illinois Republican Convention voted on the platform for the party.

It lays out the core beliefs, policies, and vision for the party. You can read the platform through this link:



Trump's Accomplishments


Trump Accomplishments as of 2018 on Whitehouse.gov

Source for Accomplishments as of August 13, 2020 - Source Breitbart


The McLean County Republican Party strives to serve through pulling together the best people and the best ideas to address the needs of our county. We believe Republican principles provide the key to creating solid, proven solutions to the challenges of maintaining a safe, prosperous community.  As an all-volunteer, grassroots organization we are excited to see new workers join our efforts.  Explore the website, attend one of our monthly gatherings, and discover how you can make a difference in your community.



Chairman Connie Beard
McLean County Republican Party