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I am Connie Beard, Chairman of McLean County Republicans.   A list has been circulated in our community designed to damage area businesses by calling for a boycott.  We live in a free society and individuals can pick and choose where they spend their money.  That is not the concern. The concern comes when elected officials step up to support and endorse action. There is every indication that this list continues to grow.  Names are on this list due to merely supporting our president or for accusations of racism from unknown sources.  There is no recourse given for these businesses to challenge these allegations directly.  It was created by a group led by Bloomington City Alderman Jen Carrillo and supported by Bloomington City Alderman Jeff Crabill as well as many of the McLean County Democrats.  Not only does this damage segments of our economy but also defames the character of all that are on this list.

These tactics are reminiscent of the McCarthy Era when guilt was determined by mere innuendo or association.  I never thought I would see that terrible practice rise again but here we are.  I have been included in this list.  The real estate company I work for has been listed and the reason given for including that company is only because I am employed there.  The effort to defame my character as well damage the company I work for is despicable.  

 I proudly serve as chairman of our county GOP.  I hold to the belief that we are all one race and all children of the same God.  To judge or treat someone differently because of the color of their skin is foolish as well as sinful. This list and other intimidation tactics will only succeed if people are too afraid to stand up and defend themselves against such charges. I am not afraid.

At a time when our economy has taken such a hard blow, it is irresponsible to attack any of our area businesses that are struggling to provide jobs and keep our county afloat.  Such a list ignores the impact this will have on workers who could suffer reduced hours or even dismissal if their employer begins to lose business. Such attacks demonstrate a lack of knowledge of what it takes for an economy to thrive.  Such tactics are used in Chicago which is why groups are so  bold to try those tactics here.   But this is not Chicago.      

Elected officials or those wanting to hold public office should denounce such tactics. I call up on all the County Democratic Candidates and elected officials to publicly reject and disavow this effort to  destroy local businesses and defame individuals.  For the sake of our communities, elected officials should not aid in the destruction of segments of that community.

We also call upon all those who wish to hold office to rebuke efforts to weaken our police forces at a time when we have seen Chicago style violence firsthand in our own community.  The recent posts by Democratic Party leaders have supported the concept of defunding our police protection despite this violence. The economic attack on our business community in conjunction with the attack on our public safety reveals the socialist agenda of those who support these tactics. McLean County is coming to a crossroads that will determines our future.

There are obvious needs.   Improving communication between police and the community is warranted.  Helping families that are struggling with the downturn in our economy should be a priority. We need more efforts to find solutions. But McLean County has long been a solid example of progress, economic strength, and a nurturing environment. I came here 32 years ago not sure I wanted to live in a cornfield, but I now love our county and I want to see it continue to serve as a shining light in Illinois.

We call upon all concerned citizens to work with us in raising the economic level of all our residents.  We call for equipping our police forces with the skills and procedures that will reach the highest standards of service. We are developing and fostering conversations with all segments of our population to create pathways that nurture families.  We want solutions that build on our unity, safety, and prosperity for all. We condemn efforts that would destroy or defame any part of our community.   We invite those who desire to foster healing and advancement for all residents of McLean County to join us.   You can reach out to us through our web site McLean County Republicans.org.  Let us begin finding positive solutions.


211 Landmark Dr., Suite A4, Normal 

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The McLean County Republican Party strives to serve  through pulling together the best people and the best ideas to address the needs of our county. We believe Republican principles provide the key to creating solid, proven solutions to the challenges of maintaining a safe, prosperous community.  As an all volunteer, grass roots organization we are excited to see new workers join our efforts.  Explore the web site, attend one of our monthly gatherings and discover how you can make a difference in your community.



Chairman Connie Beard
McLean County Republican Party