2024 Republican Candidates

Running in McLean County
Autumn 2024 Election

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U.S. Congressional District 16: 

Rep. Darin LaHood  

U.S. Congressional District 17: 

Judge Joe McGraw  

Illinois General Assembly Senate District 46:

Sally Owens  

Illinois General Assembly Senate District 53:

Chris Balkema  

Illinois General Assembly House District 87:

William E. Hauter  

Illinois General Assembly House District 88:

Regan Deering  

Illinois General Assembly House District 91:

Desi Anderson  

Illinois General Assembly House District 105:

Dennis Tipsword Jr.  

Illinois General Assembly House District 106:

Jason R. Bunting  

McLean County Circuit Clerk:

Don Everhart  

McLean County State's Attorney:

Erika Reynolds  

McLean County Auditor:

Michelle L. Anderson  

McLean County Coroner:

Kathy Yoder  

McLean County Board, District 1:

Adam Reeves  

McLean County Board, District 2:

Mike O’Neil  

McLean County Board, District 3:

Brian Loeffler  

McLean County Board, District 4:

Jerry Klinkner  

McLean County Board, District 5 (4 yr. term)

Chad Berck

BIO: I grew up in Taylorville, Illinois, and graduated from High School in 1991. I attended two years of college before joining the US Army as a UH-60 helicopter crew chief, attaining the rank of sergeant and learning many life skills early in advanced leadership courses and "on the job." Upon my discharge and return to Illinois, I attended Illinois State University, where I met my future wife. We moved to the southern Illinois University Campus in Carbondale, then a year in Springfield, where we were married with a Mass and traditional ceremony at "Old St. Patrick's" Church in Bloomington in 2004, a week after she graduated from SIU Medical School. Following another relocation to Iowa City the following week, for three years where I completed my "BSIT," Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. We relocated back to Normal to be closer to family, and my wife began her Practice at Medical Hills Internists in Bloomington on Eastland Dr. I completed my advanced degree studies while also working for a software company out of Chicago and earned graduate certification in Information Assurance and Cyber Security that is also certified by the NSA.  

In the following years, my wife and I raised three children and participated in numerous local community, church (Epiphany), and school-related activities. Finding time to raise a family, support a Physician wife, and work various contracts in cyber-security while simultaneously starting and owning multiple businesses has been exciting and exhausting. To add a bit of time commitment, both my wife and I are avid athletes; she either runs 6 miles daily or does some extensive exercise to stay in shape, while I have both studied and competed in Jiu-Jitsu since 2017 with Bloomington Team One and trained under Professor Casey Mccullough and Coach Michael Hadden.  

To learn more about Chad, please visit both of the following online sources of information:

Web page
Facebook page


McLean County Board, District 5 (Unexpired 2 yr. term):

Randy Knapp  

McLean County Board, District 6:

No Republican Candidate  

McLean County Board, District 7:

David Dunn  

McLean County Board, District 8:

Gary Stevens  

McLean County Board, District 9:

Susan Schafer  

McLean County Board, District 10:


Ross Webb (withdrew July 5, 2024)

A replacement candidate is TBA.


Judge, Supreme Court, 4th Judicial District:

Lisa Holder White  


Judge, Appellate Court, 4th Judicial District:

Amy Lannerd  

Judge, Appellate Court, 4th Judicial District:

Gene Doherty  


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