F.O.P. Lodge #176 Endorses Republican Candidates for McLean County Board

McLean County Deputies F.O.P. Lodge #176 has announced endorsement of the following Republican candidates running for the McLean County Board:

District 1:

Adam Reeves

Catherine Metsker


District 2: 

James Soeldner


District 3: 

George Wendt


District 4: 

Jerry Klinkner

Steve Harsh


District 5: 

John McIntyre

Hannah Blumenshine

District 6: 

Eduardo Monk Jr. 


District 7: 

Geoff Tompkins

Donald Crop


District 8:

Gary Stevens


District 9:

Susan Schafer

Annette Fellows


District 10:

Chuck Erickson

Ross Webb


Endorsements are public statements giving approval or support for candidates running for office. McLean County Republicans stands behind all of our candidates for public office and encourage support at the ballot box in the upcoming election.