Illinois Republicans hope to save drivers money on gas by cutting sales tax

By Fox 32 News

As gas prices continue to rise, Illinois Republicans are hoping to save drivers some cash at the pump by cutting the sales tax.

Illinois has the second-highest gas tax in the country.

On average, drivers are paying nearly 70 cents a gallon in taxes.

Cook County averages closer to $1 a gallon.

State Sens. Dave Syverson and Donald DeWitte are proposing capping the sales tax, which fluctuates with gas prices, at 18 cents a gallon.

"We believe that during a crisis, the government should not be able to benefit at the expense of taxpayers," said Syverson.

The proposal is supported by the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association.

This is different from Gov. Pritzker's proposed freeze on motor fuel taxes, which funds Illinois road projects. 


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