Mandating McLean County Employees To Learn About Unconscious Bias

By Catrina Peterson


To begin this month, employees must undergo training sessions launched and mandated by McLean County Government administration. All McLean County Government employees have to learn about their unconscious bias and address their microaggressions.

In a mass email County Administrator Cassy Taylor sent out, employees of the county must complete their “diversity, equity and inclusion” training by Aug. 31. Taylor is a contract employee.

Sources tell Cities that state employees are going through the same thing.

The KnowBe4 training works towards education against bias, according to their website.

“At KnowBe4, we are dedicated to removing biases from all of our processes, including our hiring process and giving all candidates an equal opportunity, regardless of an individual’s diverse characteristics or identity. We regularly attend hiring events to interact with candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and all of our hiring managers undergo multiple levels of unconscious bias training,” says the website.

McLean County board member Chuck Erickson said to his knowledge this has not come up to a vote. At this time it is unclear how much of the taxpayers money will be spent on this training.


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