March 7 News Release



DATE: March 7, 2022


Connie Beard, Chairman

McLean County Republicans

Email: [email protected]

Cell: (309) 824-9394


As Republican candidates begin to file their petitions for the 2022 election cycle, Chair of the McLean County Republicans, Connie Beard gave an update to the GOP membership county wide.  “We have seen a ground swell of support from all corners over the last year for our local county Republican party. Not only have we experienced a paid membership growth of just over 30%, but we have also recruited new county board candidates, and an additional twenty-two precinct committeemen and committeewomen.”, reported Beard. A full report of candidates filing for all offices will be released after the final filing date of March 14.

In addition to new members and volunteers, the party has received support from a political action committee comprised of business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the state, known as the Citizens Farmers PAC. They see McLean County as an important stand to take to push back against the one-party control of the state. With now 5 State House districts and 3 State Senate districts, McLean County is poised to influence a wide portion of central Illinois.

“As we have grown and strengthened our structure, we are gaining recognition and financial support from conservative and liberty loving groups across the state that realize the local county party is the answer to making lasting change. This is a long-term journey to turn around Illinois and there is much work to do. Financial support for this effort is required and appreciate as we seek to build a broader coalition of support for our community and this state.

Last election cycle in 2020 the local Democrat party and local candidates received over $100,000 in outside donations. “We know that Governor Pritzker will pour a lot of more money into the county Democrats to try once again to flip our county blue as was done in Champaign in 2018. That county is dealing with the fallout of that election with the lawsuits and criminal charges placed on Champaign County Democratic officials. The importance of looking at the quality of the candidate and not just the letter by their name is illustrated in these Champaign problems,” says Beard.

As public polling shows President Biden’s approval rating continues to free fall, the McLean County Republicans see this as a harbinger of things to come. Beard stated, “We believe voters have become disillusioned with the policies of the Democratic party as they have witnessed the failure of our national economy and security. Democratic efforts on the local level to defund the police and develop social agenda issues are counter to the wishes of voters. We are a party of pro-safety, pro-economic growth, and pro-family ideas. You may see the local Democrats once again try to claim that high ground for their own but their actions once in office speak louder than slick campaign slogans.”

The McLean County Republicans have a launched a full calendar of events with the March 12 Election Protection Seminar coming next. They are holding training workshops for School Board Candidates. Meanwhile, the 3rd Annual Everyday Hero Award has begun as area organizations are invited to nominate a volunteer to be selected for the award and earn $500 for their charity. This award will be presented at the annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner scheduled for April 29 at the Doubletree Hotel.

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