Price of Independence Day Cookout Substantially More than Last Year

Leon Kaeb, McLean County GOP, has released a statement on high costs for food for the upcoming 4th of July holiday celebrations.

“The American Farm Bureau Federation, in Washington DC, has determined that inflation will be the cause for substantially higher costs for this year’s 4th of July celebrations with family and friends.  Independence Day cookout is up 17%.  For 2022, this is very much unexpected.  Some of the reasons for this is because of supply chain disruptions, large increases in Federal government spending (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021) and the war in Ukraine are being blamed for the price hikes.  Inflation is a serious subtle hidden tax on family living standards, and elected Democrats, especially President Biden, have placed this situation upon all Americans.  Other meat products, such as chicken and pork, are also on the rise by 30%.  The additional food costs for your holiday plate is expensive, all adding up to about $10 more.  Perhaps it is time for all Americans to tighten the belt and sharpen the pencil.  This can be in remembrance to our nation's Fathers, who experienced tough times, but they persevered.  We are true benefactors, which requires us to still be thankful and happy for this 4th of July celebration, America’s birthday!  Hoping and praying for the Constitutional Republic to endure.  We, as loyal Republicans, have firm reasons to vote for candidates in our party come November 8th.” - Leon Kaeb, McLean County GOP

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