Republican Candidates made their case to voters.

June 18, 2022 Breakfast with Candidates

Chairman, Connie Beard

17th Congressional Candidate Esther Joy King

(not pictured Candidate Charlie Helmick)

Secretary of State Candidate

Dan Brady

Candidate for State Representative District 105th

Kyle Ham

Candidate for State Representative District 105th

Dennis Tipsword

Candidate for State Representative District 105th

Mike Kirkton

Candidate for State Representative District 87

Mary Burress

Candidate for State Representative District 88th

Dan Caulkins

Candidate for State Representative District 106th

Tom Bennet

Candidate for State Representative District 91st.

Scott Preston

Candidate for 11th Judicial Court Judge

Don Knapp (currently State Attorney)

Candidate for County Board District 4

Jerry Klinkner

Candidate for County Board District 4

Steve Harsh

Candidate for County Board District 7

Don Crop

Candidate for County Board District 7

Geoff Tompkins

Candidate for County Sheriff

Matt Lane 

Good attentive crowd. 

A full house enjoyed hearing from the wide range of candidates. 

Chairman Connie Beard and Dan Caulkins, current state representative for 101st but running for the newly redistricted 88th.

Connie Beard, Chairman, McLean County Republicans has released a statement regarding the June Breakfast with Candidates.

The McLean County Republicans hosted a breakfast on Saturday June 18 at the Doubletree highlighting candidates that will be on the June 28 primary ballot. Over seventy people gathered to hear from candidates for multiple levels of office: Senate, Congress, State and County.

Both candidates for the 17th Congressional District; Charlie Helmick and Esther Joy King spoke to the receptive crowd. Senatorial candidate Jimmie Lee Tilman also came down from Chicago to present his case.

Dan Brady who currently serves as the State Representative for the 105th is now running for the Secretary of State office. He stated his goals and visions for serving in that office if elected.

Five state house races were represented. Candidates for the 105th district spoke: Kyle Ham, Dennis Tipsword and Mike Kirkton. Mary Burress who is running for the 87th district shared her goals. Candidate for District 91, Scott Preston also stepped up to the microphone to highlight his plans if elected. Dan Caulkins, running for the 88th and Tom Bennet, running for the 106th spoke as well.

On the county level McLean County voters have all twenty seats on the county board up for election. On Saturday four candidates addressed the group. Seve Harsh and Jerry Klinker are running for the two seats in County Board District 4 while Don Crop and Geoff Tompkins are running for County Board District 7.

County Sheriff candidate Matt Lane also addressed issues he saw as important and wanting to address if elected.

While there are two people on the Republican ballot the 11th Circuit Court only one attended the breakfast. Don Knapp shared his experience in his current role as State Attorney and his plans if elected to the bench.

At a time when so much campaign information is flowing into the mailboxes, Republican voters appreciated an opportunity for face-to-face interaction. Chairman Connie Beard noted, “This was the second event providing voters with a firsthand look at the people asking for their vote. Voters can also find information on all the candidates and maps of the new districts on our web site, Keeping voters informed is a huge part of our mission”

Connie Beard, Chairman McLean County Republicans


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