Consider Becoming a Precinct Committeeperson

Consider Becoming a Precinct Committeeperson

Precinct Committeepersons (PCs) are the backbone of any political party. Precinct Committeepersons impact every level of government, from local school boards to who sleeps in the White House. McLean County is in great need of grass-roots political leaders who can serve in this capacity. These individuals should not be confused with election judges or poll watchers, for which there is also a great need to ensure election integrity. 


Each precinct constitutes a legislative district with approximately the same number of voters. Earlier this year, there were 121 precincts in McLean County, and only 70 Republican precinct chairperson positions were filled, or just over 57%. With the 20 new precincts established by the McLean County Board earlier this year due to population growth and redistribution, the number of precincts is now 141. With 70 existing PCs, only 47% of all 141 Republican precincts now have chairpersons.

The MCGOP Election Operations team is busy gearing up for the next election cycle and is working diligently to get PC in all precincts, “It is important we have volunteers willing to join us,” according to MCGOP-SURUS Project Manager Joanne Knipmeyer. She continued, “We need precinct committeepersons and also block captains. Block captains are volunteers who can assist their precinct committeeman by helping communicate with their neighbors about the upcoming election.”

Knipmeyer further noted, “For those desiring our conservative values to remain and our County Board to be fiscally responsible, we need your help. Every precinct committeeman, every volunteer, and every vote will matter in this upcoming election.”  McLean County Republicans are happy to connect you so you can volunteer.


Becoming a precinct committeeperson is one of the most fulfilling methods to contribute to the Republican Party. These dedicated volunteers are the vital link between the party and Republican voters within their local community. Through their diligent efforts, they possess the potential to sway the outcome of closely contested elections. Additionally, in cases where no committeeperson currently serves in a precinct, they may receive an appointment by the party’s Chairman.

The responsibilities of precinct committeepersons span a broad spectrum, encompassing tasks such as aiding Republican candidates in securing petition signatures and actively participating in voter mobilization during the general election. The role of a precinct committeeperson holds significant influence.

The selection of precinct committeepersons occurs biennially during the primary election. The prerequisites are straightforward: committeepersons must be U.S. citizens, aged 18 or older, and registered voters within the respective precinct. Aspiring candidates for committeeperson positions must complete and submit a statement of candidacy, a loyalty oath, and a petition before the stipulated deadline for the primary election.

To learn more about becoming a precinct committee person, go to this link on the MCGOP website. If you desire to be a Republican PC, contact MCGOP Chair Dennis Grundler at [email protected]. If you want to become an election judge or poll watcher, contact Joanne Knipmeyer ([email protected]) or Kim Miller ([email protected]). We are all looking forward to hearing from you!

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