ILGOP Resolution in Support of Children

The Illinois GOP has issued a Resolution in Support of Children, which gained approval and endorsement during the Illinois Republican State Central Committee meeting on October 21st. This resolution marks the initial step in a series of statements aimed at articulating the values and endorsements of the Illinois Republican Party. The Party's commitment extends to safeguarding children from exposure to explicit content in educational institutions, granting parents the authority to be aware of and sanction all aspects of their children's education in publicly funded schools, and necessitating schools to notify parents in case their child encounters difficulties or confusion regarding their sexual orientation. It emphasizes that concerns about exposure to puberty blockers and surgical interventions are not exclusive to Republicans but extend beyond party lines. (Click on the title above to continue reading if necessary.)


Regardless of political alignment, ethnicity, faith, or history, every devoted parent desires the well-being of their children—ensuring happiness, health, education, and safety, all while fostering hope for a brighter future. It is crucial to boldly declare our unwavering support for children and families amidst the contemporary challenges within our state and culture. To echo a familiar sentiment, "If not us, who, and if not now, when?"

The Illinois GOP articulates its identity and principles through a platform, but have you taken the time to peruse it? Do you even know where to access it? You can find it here:

If you identify as a Republican but haven't familiarized yourself with our party's stance, how can you accurately understand our principles? This disconnection motivates the issuance of resolutions like the one provided. Instead of solely criticizing the opposing party, a practice that has contributed to the perception of us as the "party of no," we must go beyond and articulate our narrative. It's essential to communicate what we support concerning the happenings in our state, counties, communities, and homes. We are the advocates for the well-being of children, parents, and parental rights, which have faced significant erosion under both national and local administrations. Let's boldly and consistently champion these causes, distinguishing ourselves as the "good guys." Share this resolution with your friends, neighbors, and relatives to counteract the media's reluctance to champion the interests of our families.

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