On the Issues: Democrats Trawling for Votes

According to a recent survey by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, President Biden has had numerous “victories” during his term. They list most of these “victories” as half-truths or misleading statements, hoping that uninformed voters will swallow these claims hook, line, and sinker. In perpetrating such misinformation, they expect to reel in barely living fish – what I would call low-information and low-propensity voters. It’s time for some fact-checking. Let’s examine these claims and shine the light of truth on each. (Click on the title above to continue if necessary.)

Claim 1. Combating inflation to lower everyday costs for ALL Americans. They might be combating inflation, but they have been very ineffective! Under the Trump administration, the annual inflation rate never exceeded 3%. Under the Biden administration, it got as high as 8.5% - and the prices have not come down! We now pay 20% to 25% more for the same items as we did at the end of the Trump administration. Anyone who has been to a grocery store lately knows that food prices have risen sky-high. Because fewer can afford expensive restaurant fare, sales in these institutions are dropping, and many restaurant chains are closing stores nationwide. Part of inflation is increasing income, sales, and property taxes, insurance, and interest rates. People are losing their homes in increasing numbers, and others are prevented from buying because these rates have risen considerably while wages have stagnated over the past four years. Seriously, are YOU better off today than you were four years ago under the Trump administration?

Claim 2. Capping life-saving insulin at $35 per month for millions of Americans on Medicare. This claim is valid. The Biden administration enacted the cap as part of the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022.

Clam 3. Confirming Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first black woman ever on the Supreme Court. The statement is true, but one could convincingly claim that this appointment by Biden has been a disaster. Jackson is a friend of critical race theory and has been weak on child pornography sentences.  She legally represented Guantanamo Bay inmates in alleged acts of judicial activism. She arguably lives in an information bubble, as evidenced in her confirmation hearing in which she told Senator Graham she was unaware of what he called “a concerted effort” by some liberal activists to denigrate other potential contenders.

Claim 4. Enacting the most significant gun safety reforms in nearly 30 years. Democrats have indeed worked ceaselessly to rein in the sale of guns and ammunition. Unfortunately, the main effect that such laws have is to keep guns out of the hands of those who need them for personal defense. You see, criminals don’t obey gun laws. With many Americans dying each year due to gun violence, it is understandable that some actions be taken to reduce illegal gun use. Unfortunately, law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. The Democrats’ misguided efforts to regulate the actions of legitimate gun owners only strips these citizens of a means of self-defense.

Claim 5. Investing billions into combating climate change. This is true, but it has been a massive waste of money when we don’t have the money to spend. While billions and billions are being spent to reduce our carbon footprint and global warming by a fraction of a degree, we do nothing to mitigate the massive pollution by countries like China and India. Under governmental directives, the U.S.A. is setting up wind and solar farms. We are promoting electric vehicles and phasing out hydrocarbon-fueled vehicles, but we don’t have the electrical infrastructure to support the change. While climate change is real, there is no clear indication that recent rises in global temperatures are due to increased carbon dioxide production by humans. Levels of CO(2) have been much higher in the past, and higher levels are good for plant growth. Climate change predictions from the recent past are highly flawed. A review of the record since the 1960s shows overstated predictions (complete loss of the polar ice caps, global cooling, coastal flooding, and widespread desertification). Such flawed models have a strong propensity for underestimating natural climate variability, and much of the hype can be tied to politics and funding.

Claim 6. Record job creation. The Biden administration crushed the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic. Government mandates shut down businesses nationwide, and many jobs were decimated. After the pandemic subsided, business and industry recalled their workers. As a result, the Biden administration claims it created the environment for job growth and was responsible for higher employment rates. The fact is that much of the job growth is in the area of low-paying, entry-level jobs. Many Americans would prefer to avoid taking these jobs. This situation has been a boon for illegal aliens.

Claim 7. Forming the most diverse cabinet in history. This is true, but so what? To create such a cabinet, Biden decided to exclude many worthy candidates, sacrificing them on the altar of diversity, equity, and inclusion. When 50%, 75%, or 90% of all viable candidates are excluded from consideration for political reasons, the best of the rest are not necessarily the best of the best! This has been the most incompetent cabinet in history. The activities of Secretaries Blinken, Austin, Garland, Becerra, Buttigieg, Cardona, and Mayorkas are legendary, to say nothing of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Claim 8. Restoring America’s standing around the world. This is patently false. America has become a laughingstock around the world, starting with our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Today, much of our foreign policy is predicated on aid in exchange for concessions in abortion and transgender policies around the world. American citizens are less safe than ever before, given the fact that our nation is no longer respected and our borders are being overrun annually by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, many of whom come from countries with a history of hate for America and terrorism.

Other Biden “Victories”

There is no mention of Biden’s other “victories,” many of which are unappealing to Democrats and abhorrent to middle-of-the-road voters. These “victories” include the following:

  • Protecting and promoting women’s access to healthcare. Women’s healthcare is a euphemism for abortion. Since Roe v. Wade was overturned during the Trump administration, the Biden administration has done everything within its power to promote chemical abortion (Mifepristone) and guarantee free and unfettered access to life-ending procedures. Killing the healthy child of a healthy mother (95% of all abortions today) is not healthcare. Progressive Democrats have passed the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act), which prohibits obstructing, injuring, intimidating, or interfering with individuals seeking a direct abortion or damaging facilities providing such services. This law has been used to suppress religious rights, including freedom of expression, of those seeking to prevent the killing of innocent unborn children. Recently, some who have done nothing more than pray outside abortion mills have been sentenced under the FACE Act to as many as five years in prison.
  • Undoing the efforts of Trump by permitting unbridled immigration. Trump began building the border wall but was prevented from finishing it. Biden has, in effect, torn down the existing wall by allowing, aiding, and abetting the flow of humans from Central and South America and other countries into the U.S.A., ostensibly to disenfranchise conservative American voters and retain political power. The negative consequences of doing so are significant and multifaceted. Illegal immigration brings with it problems of drugs, gangs, human trafficking, exploitation, unemployment, tax evasion, and wage suppression. These places strain on America’s existing healthcare, education, welfare, and social systems by reallocating taxpayer dollars and resources from programs needed to support U.S. citizens – including the homeless and veterans.
  • Fundamentally changing America through its schools. Due to federal program funding, America’s public schools have essentially become socialist brainwashing camps for the progressive left. Themes such as DEI, revisionist history, the LGBTQ agenda, and so forth have reduced the time needed to teach reading, writing, science, mathematics, and much more. The Department of Education has become “Big Brother” (the epithet of the dictator in George Orwell’s novel 1984) we have been warned about.
  • Weaponizing the American justice system. Internal documents from the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security claimed that the country’s “domestic terrorism threat” mostly comes from Trump supporters. The files also singled out people in the military and religious individuals (mostly conservative Catholics) as possible “terrorism” threats. Not to be forgotten are parents who come out against what is happening in their children’s school system. The FBI used “threat tags” created by the bureau’s counterterrorism division to launch dozens of investigations into parents who had protested at school board meetings.


If it weren’t for the flawed issues of abortion, gun control, and climate change, the current Democrat administration would have little else to run its re-election campaign on. Feckless Joe Biden is unfit to serve. If he’s a problem now, consider what sort of problem he will be four years from now if re-elected. Suffering from advancing dementia, he clearly will be used as a puppet by the power elites to achieve their goals. With Biden as president, the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg will be pulling the strings and running the country. The outcome won’t be good.

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