On the Issues: Illegal Immigration & Election Integrity

Since my Election Integrity op-ed was published in McLean County Times on January 29th, more information has been revealed about Democrat efforts to encourage and support illegal immigration – and the revelations relate to election integrity. We now see more clearly than ever the reason behind the Biden administration’s nefarious efforts to promote, support, and defend illegal border crossings. It all has to do with stealing elections. Please allow me to explain. (Click on the title above if necessary to continue reading.)

In my earlier op-ed, I mentioned how progressive Democrats are working hard to replace existing election laws with laws that enable voting by illegal aliens and other currently ineligible voters to promote their involvement in fraudulent election activities. Among the many things I mentioned were the following: states’ failure to enforce the National Voter Registration Act, mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, automatic voter registration, abolition of voter ID requirements, abolition of voter residency requirements, abolition of the Electoral College, same-day voter registration, out-of-precinct voting, gerrymandering of legislative districts, and lastly, illegal immigration.

Each of these approaches – all promoted by progressive Democrats – can be used in some way to flip an election by providing an unfair political advantage. (And let’s not forget efforts by Democrats to steal the presidential election by removing President Trump from the primary ballot in states like Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, and Illinois!) Each effort plays a role in the Democrat game plan to seize control of our county, state, and nation – and to do so into perpetuity.

There is no question that the U.S. is suffering a major border crisis due to the unfettered invasion of undocumented aliens. I wager that the reason for this is election fraud. At the same time, they will often claim that it’s all a matter of human compassion, but it’s nothing more than virtue signaling to dominate the American political scene.

Consider the fact that sanctuary cities and states want more and more illegal immigrants even though they don’t have the financial wherewithal to support them. Not to worry! The federal government will step in with the required aid. While the population of documented aliens might not all vote Democrat, rest assured that they may well do so as soon as they can as they are beholden to the assistance of Democrat-led governments.

Even more nefarious than this, consider the effect of a swelling population on the rule of government. There is a reason why the Federal Census Bureau is counting illegal aliens. It’s because government apportionment of federal tax dollars and Electoral College votes are now based on the overall populations of all people, not just American citizens. So, states like California, New York, and Illinois are suffering the flight of conservatives; state deficits are being made up for with undocumented aliens! This will ensure that such Democrat-controlled states will continue to have a major influence on the outcome of federal elections and in the operations of the legislative branch. You see, it all boils down to election integrity!

Making matters worse and showing the irrational nature of the progressive Democrats’ desire to ensure that voters do not have to show an ID to vote (thereby exacerbating the illegal vote problem), consider the following question, “Why is it that Democrats refuse to concede this common-sense approach to ensure that only those who are eligible to vote are permitted to vote?” It takes an ID to engage in nearly all of the following list of twenty-plus situations or contexts given contemporary American society:

  1. Travel: boarding passes at airports, identification for international travel (passport), and driver’s license for domestic travel
  2. Financial Transactions: opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, withdrawing large sums of money, and cashier’s checks and money orders
  3. Government Services: applying for social security benefits, registering for selective service, obtaining government assistance programs, and applying for permits or licenses (e.g., hunting, fishing)
  4. Employment: completing Form I-9 for employment eligibility verification, background checks, and clocking in/out at work (ID badges)
  5. Age Verification: purchasing alcohol or tobacco, entering bars, clubs, or casinos, and buying rated movies or games
  6. Healthcare: checking in at hospitals or clinics, picking up prescriptions, and accessing sensitive medical records
  7. Education: registering for classes, taking standardized tests, and checking out library books
  8. Housing: applying for rental agreements and mortgages, buying and selling houses
  9. Legal Proceedings: appearing in court, filing for divorce, and applying for marriage licenses, interactions with the police
  10. Legal Paperwork: signing legal documents (security verification) by a notary public
  11. Utilities and Services: setting up electricity, water, or gas services and signing up for internet or cable services
  12. Retail Transactions: making purchases with credit cards (especially for high-value items) and returning items without a receipt
  13. Memberships: joining gyms or health clubs and gaining access to exclusive events or areas
  14. Transportation: renting a car and riding certain forms of public transportation (e.g., trains, buses)
  15. Security Clearance: accessing secure facilities and obtaining government security clearances
  16. Registration: registering to vote and registering for academic courses or workshops
  17. Insurance: applying for health or life insurance and filing insurance claims
  18. Online Transactions: verifying identity for online purchases (especially for high-value or age-restricted items) and setting up online accounts (banking, email, social media)
  19. Recreational Activities: renting equipment (e.g., bikes, skis) and participating in certain sports activities (e.g., skydiving, bungee jumping)
  20. Emergency Situations: identifying oneself to emergency responders and accessing emergency shelters or services
  21. Miscellaneous: accessing certain websites or online content (age verification), checking into hotels or lodging establishments, entering certain workplace premises (security checks), and obtaining licenses of various sorts.

The above list could be multiplied several times over! So, it’s practically impossible to survive in our society without some proper form of ID. Yet, Democrats will tell us that requiring an ID serves to disenfranchise those who would vote because they might not or cannot get a voter ID. Balderdash! Is this the bigotry of low expectations, just another lie to help Democrats win elections, or what?

The only reason I can fathom for the progressive Left’s desire to ensure that voters can vote without an ID is the theft of elections. Keep in mind that the majority of illegal voters (the dead, undocumented aliens, repeat voters, etc.) tend to be morally debased Democrats!

Right now, the Democrat president is suffering a nearly all-time low popularity. In addition, progressive Democrats are pushing incredibly unpopular trends in our society that include such things as the following:

  • CHILDREN’S SAFETY: Will parents have educational freedom or be forced to co-parent with the government?
  • PARENTS’ RIGHTS: Will the government take over the education of our children, some of which in public schools nowadays constitute little more than socialist indoctrination?
  • ABORTION DEBATE: Will state legislation reinforce Roe vs. Wade’s historic reversal, or will it continue to be undermined?
  • RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Will federal, state, and local officials prioritize the LGBTQ agenda, or will they prioritize religious freedom?
  • WOMEN’S RIGHTS: Will women be shut out of sports and restrooms because men who identify as women have taken over?

If you, dear voter, wait until the general election to find out where candidates truly stand, it will be too late. Early voting in the primary election is already taking place, and the November election isn’t all that far away. NOW is the time to find out what’s going on at town, county, state, and national levels and to get involved in politics while you can still make a difference! Now is the time to strike against the Democrat party body politic. If not you, who? If not now, when? Now might represent our last best chance to make a difference in the outcome of how our government is run. Please get involved before it is too late. Your conservative vote is needed now more than ever. Please don’t sit out our elections.  

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