4th of July Republican Style

Fourth of July ….Republican Style 2019

We have three opportunities to support our party and encourage people to support the Republican party on Thursday July 4th in our area parades.  Please consider  spending an hour or even the day walking with our float and helping us reach voters.  Below is the list of parades, times and meeting locations so we encourage you to pick a time and join in the fun of handing out candy and flags to the kids and adults.  A smile and a wave is all it takes.  If you have trouble finding the float  you can call or text Connie Beard on her cell phone 824-9394 for help.  You’ll be looking for our white float with banners and the small wagon with Baby Ree, our Republican elephant.  
Lunch provided for walkers after the Downs parade. If you would like to have a great Subway Lunch then email Connie directly at mcleancountychair@gmail.com  or text her 309-824-9394 so she can count you in the lunch break

1.  Towanda Parade  Starts at 10am with line up at 9:00 at the Towanda Elementary School, 304 East St., Towanda

2.  Downs Parade  Starts at 12pm with line up at 11:45 at the Tri-Valley School Complex on Washington St.   

We will enjoy a lunch break at the school following this parade. Subway Meals provided for all parade walkers.

3.  Chenoa Parade  Starts at 2:00pm  with line up at 1:00.  This is a large parade and you definitely will need to search us out if you are not coming from Downs.  We check in at the Water Tower on Division street but line up is quite a distance away so you can text Connie at 824-9394 to get an exact location of where we line up once we get there.  This is really a great 4th of July parade and worth the effort to take part. 

Please join us for some great exercise, great community building and a focus on why our country is great!


  • July 04, 2019 at 9am – 4pm
  • Towanda, Downs, Chenoa
  • Connie Beard