Focus on Mental Health Needs Instead Gun Control

McLean County Republican party chairman has released a statement in the wake of the Chicago 4th of July shootings

Our community should grieve and pray for the families struck with terror in yesterday's 4th of July shooting in Chicago. It is yet another example of the neglect paid to the rampant increase of mental illness. We need a focus on correcting the way we manage mental health services in our nation. Rather than cutting funding and services, it is obvious that our laws and money should be improving mental health services. Unfortunately, that is not what our current state or federal administrations want to control. All we hear from them are shouts of "gun control" with barely a whisper about mental health. Illinois already has extremely strict gun control laws. These are sick people committing shootings like this. To ignore the mental health issues of our nation is negligence at its highest.

Connie Beard, Chairman, McLean County Republican

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