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*** Voter Resources ***

Illinois Board of Elections (Research where candidate money is coming from)

iVoter Guide for Illinois - (Find out where the candidates stand on the issues)

Illinois Right to Life (Where the candidates stand on this issue)

Restore Our Constitution

Ballotpedia - (Questions and answers from the candidates)

VOTE411 Voter Guide - (Personalized voting information - learn about election candidates and issues and more)

Illinois Voter Guide - (Non-partisan information by League of Women Voters of Illinois)

2020 Illinois Republican Party Platform - (Where the Illinois Republican Party stands on the issues)

Why Vote? Five Reasons


*** Ballots & Voting Locations ***

What will be ballot look like? (November 8th General Election)

Early Voting Locations

Find Your Polling Place 


*** Precinct & District Maps ***

McLean County Precinct Maps 

Bloomington Ward and Precinct Maps

McLean County Board Districts Map (Countywide)

McLean County Board Districts Map (Bloomington-Normal)



*** On The Issues ***

Amendment 1 - See Why You Should Vote NO

Text of Amendment 1 - See for Yourself 

Unit 5 Tax Increase Proposal - See Why You Should Vote NO

SAFE-T Act Forum Take-Aways

MCGOP Goes on Record Opposing Radical Progressives on McLean County Board 

The Town Crier: Daily Opinion Pieces about Local Matters from "A Conservative Friend" at MCGOP:

  1. What Do Party Platforms Say?
  2. Economic Ideas and Taxes
  3. Social Issues
  4. Social Welfare - Part 1
  5. Social Welfare - Part 2
  6. Law and Order
  7. Border Security
  8. Liberal Euphemisms and Illinois Amendment 1
  9. Profligate Democrat Spending Hurts Us All
  10. Democrats: Liberals or Progressives?
  11. Does it matter who controls the McLean County Board? - Part 1
  12. Does it matter who controls the McLean County Board? - Part 2
  13. Does it matter who controls the McLean County Board? - Part 3
  14. Compassionate Conservatism or False Compassion?
  15. Silent No More: Our Moral Responsibility to Vote

The Tuttle Rebuttals: 40 Responses to Popular Political and Economic Myths

iVoterGuide on the Issues

"Vote Republican: Put yourself in a better state!"

Videos by the Illinois Republican Party:

Government Bloat - 7000 Taxing Units

Amendment 1: Catch and Release

Indictments and Jail Terms of Democrats

Democrat One Party Rule

School Problems & Parental Choice


*** Statewide & County Republican Candidates ***

See all of Our Candidates

*** Conservative News Sites ***


McLean County Times 

The Center Square (Illinois) 

The Western Journal 

Conservative News 

The Babylon Bee 

National Review 

The Heritage Foundation 

Illinois Review 

Illinois Policy Institute


The Federalist


*** Continuing Education ***

Hillsdale College FREE Online Courses - (conservative)

National Constitution Center - (non-partisan)


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