MCGOP Elects Officers, Amends Bylaws

MCGOP Chairman Dennis Grundler

(Bloomington, Illinois) The McLean County Republican Central Committee convened in its biennial County Convention on Wednesday, April 17, to elect officers and Executive Board members and amend the organization’s bylaws, marking a significant moment in local governance. The Committee – consisting of all elected Republican precinct committeepersons in McLean County – undertook a series of decisions aimed at fortifying the group’s structure and advancing its mission to serve the community. (Click on the title above to continue reading if necessary.)

Dennis Grundler, a stalwart figure in McLean County politics renowned for his dedication and leadership, emerged as the newly elected Chairman of the Committee. Grundler's proven track record and vision for the future make him a natural choice to steer the McLean County GOP toward its objectives.

In addition to the election of Dennis Grundler as Chairman, the meeting witnessed the election of three additional officers and five Division Chairs. Elected as office holders were John Parrott, Jr., Vice Chairman; Charles P. Cresci, Treasurer; and Bruce Hany, Secretary.

Five Division Chairs, elected by their respective precinct committeepersons in Normal, Bloomington, and McLean County proper, will play pivotal roles in leading and representing their peers. Elected were Jerry Klinkner, Normal; Lis Hiltabrand, Bloomington North; Charles P. Cresci, Bloomington South; Annette Thompson, County West; and Chelsie Leffelman, County East. Their election to the MCGOP Executive Board underscores the Committee's commitment to grassroots representation and effective leadership across the county.

Newly-elected Chairman Grundler then appointed two members at large to the group’s Executive Board to serve as vice-chairs. They were David Paul Blumenshine and Jim Snyder. Four Pillar Chairs were appointed: Community Outreach, Jim Fisher; Fundraising, Connie Beard; Elections, Kim Miller; and Communications, Carl Wenning. One vacant position of vice chair at large remains to be filled.

The McLean County Republican Central Committee also amended its bylaws, recognizing the importance of adapting to evolving circumstances and ensuring efficient governance. These amendments reflect the Committee's dedication to transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to the needs of McLean County residents.

In a statement following the meeting, Chairman Grundler expressed his gratitude for the continued trust placed in him and emphasized the Committee's unwavering commitment to serving the community. "I am deeply honored to have been re-elected as Chairman of the McLean County Republicans," said Grundler. "Together with our new Executive Board and, indeed, the entire Committee, I am confident that we will continue to uphold the highest standards of integrity and work tirelessly to address the needs of our fellow residents."

The McLean County Republican Central Committee's meeting marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in local governance characterized by dynamic leadership, inclusivity, and a relentless focus on community welfare. The group works with SURUS Illinois, a Lake Bluff-based political action committee, to return Illinois to its traditional grassroots values. 

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