Republican County Board Candidates

Chairman Connie Beard
August 2, 2022


Despite partisan action on the part of the local Democrats taken in April to deprive voters of a voice, there will be nineteen county board candidates representing the McLean County Republicans on the ballot in November. Chairman Connie Beard stated, “It has been a busy summer for the Republican Party of McLean County starting with the results of the primary election on June 28 that created a large platform to launch a path to victory in November from the county level up to the state level and beyond to the halls of Congress.”

In April, local Democrats wasted time and taxpayer money to knock Republicans off of the ballot. All those removed were returned to their place on the November ballot. Secured by a vigorous write-in campaign, incumbent John McIntrye and Hannah Blumenshine will represent District 5, while Catherine Metsker will return to the ballot to represent District 1. First-time candidates Gary Stevens and Vicki Schultz also earned their spots on the ballot with write-in votes for District 8. Today’s announcement includes news that Annette Fellows returns to the ballot as she has been slated through a caucus to serve in the open spot on the Republican ticket for County Board District 9 alongside incumbent Susan Schafer. 

Also slated by caucus was Ross Webb who will serve as a Republican candidate along with incumbent Chuck Erickson for the two seats up for election in District 10. 

The party is also happy to announce a third appointment as Eduardo Monk, an Illinois State University student and president of the College Republicans of ISU, has been slated to run for a seat in District 6. 

These county candidates join Adam Reeves in District 1, George Wendt and Lyndsay Bloomfield in District 3, Jerry Klinkner and Steve Harsh in District 4, and Geoff Tompkins and Don Crop in District 7

Since the Republican Party won the lottery for ballot placement, the Republican County board candidates are to be listed first on the ballots. That placement also applies to the three county wide candidates: County Clerk Kathy Michael; County Treasurer Rebecca McNeil; and candidate for County Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff Matt Lane.

“We believe voters in McLean County are looking for candidates that will work for their public safety, build a strong community, and work to earn their trust. They will find that in these candidates,” said Chairman Beard.